Real Estate and Green Energy: The New Lagos Model

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The city of Lagos is host to over 9 to 13 million petrol and diesel generators according to research and sales organizations. Like those numbers aren’t staggering enough, Lagosians spends a minimum of #3,000 daily ($8 approximately) on fuel which amounts to billions of dollars annually. All because of electricity.

Nigeria has the most shocking history of failing to realize its potential when it comes to generating and delivering electricity to its people. The people are left with no choice but to find an alternative in the form of generators even if it is at the expense of their health. Using generators takes a toll on not just the user but the environment in general, especially because of it’s noise. it’s hard not to hear a generator sound in Lagos because every single day, Lagosians put on their generators to alternatively cater for their basic electricity needs. These troubles have set Nigerians back in terms of quality of life, fair innovative development, and healthcare due to complications arising from the use of generators and inhalation of it’s fumes.

There have been numerous calls for the Nigerian government to make use of the public service announcement and awareness campaign to enlighten the populace on the dangers of having generators. Especially when it’s in enclosed home spaces. There have been several cases of Lagosians dying as a result of generator fume inhalation. A Nigerian environmentalist in Mr. DESMOND MAJEKODUNMI, Founder of Lekki Urban Forest and Animal Sanctuary Park (LUFASI), said Nigerians have not been adequately educated about the environmental impacts of generators – A huge oversight from the government that must be recognized and corrected as soon as possible.

The new Lagos real estate model by DBillions PV City, Nigeria’s first Luxury Solar-Powered City has created an opportunity to eradicate this tragedy and preserve the lives of Nigerians by innovatively generating electricity from the sun by a basic energy storage system, transmitted, and distributed with a meter tariff scheme.

DBillions PV City hopes to be the first of many in the private sector that’ll choose to embrace green energy for the betterment of Nigeria.

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