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With little or no marketing strategy, Kelechi Darlington Okani has become a force to be reckoned with not just in property, but in pioneering innovation using renewable energy that will change the entire real estate sector in Africa forever. He brings the extra we have been waiting for to the table with his ingenuity, as a visionary leader and pioneer of a disruptive idea in the real estate business. He is the next level in property development not just in Nigeria, but in Africa.

At the core of his business is an innovative solution in real estate, and his renewable energy solution has become Nigeria’s First Solar-Powered Luxury City Project. This aligns with the global best practice in real estate, and major progress towards the United Nations Global Goals and strategic positioning for the future, as he builds a master piece signature and sustainable luxury commercial real estate powered by renewable energy. The driving force behind this innovation is the need to deliver beyond his client’s expectation, because his greatest fulfillment lies in making clients happy.

As the CEO of DBillions PV City, he has become a trailblazer in real estate business, known for his far-reaching market knowledge and his unrivaled commitment to getting the best deal for his clients, and as a result his success is majorly on positive referrals from happy and satisfied pool of clients. While marketing is a great way of getting more client especially in the real estate business, Kelechi’s only marketing strategy has been to deliver above 100 percent for every client whether small or capital intensive project. His interest in real estate powered by renewable energy is to ensure long term profitability for property owners.

Aside from his extensive local knowledge of the property business, his rich global experience and portfolio gives him an edge over others in the real estate business, thereby leveraging contacts and resources to ensure clients’ satisfaction is guaranteed.

In addition to pioneering innovative solution using renewable energy in real estate, doing business with Kelechi is the definition of doing business with ease. A trial will turn you into a marketer of the immense value like others have enjoyed.


While a lot has been said about Temitope Alex-Duduyemi’s fine professional disposition by clients from different walks of life, whose testimonies of her career is said to have imparted many lives in no small way. Temitope has opted the ante with her success in the real estate business.

As the lawyer for an innovation driven real estate firm; DBillions PV City, she has taken her career to a whole new strata as she effortlessly manages the legal matters of the property firm. Saving their numerous clients from the regular headaches associated with acquiring property in Nigeria. She ensures that the company’s client must enjoy maximum ease of doing business and peace of mind built on trust, and treating every case with utmost confidentiality.

She is renowned for her diligent disposition so that she does not see any real estate brief as small, every client brief is important regardless of the capacity of the business per time, her mantra is, if it is important to the client, it is important to her and worthy of her 100 percent commitment.

She has appeared in Court proceedings on diverse matters including contracts, banking, employment law, intellectual property, debt recovery, administration of estates and family disputes. And has been a key member of a team that ensured the revival of a dissipating estate and strategically entered a caveat to prevent fraudulent obtainment of Letters of Administration to the exclusion of her Client.

Also a key member of teams that advise clients on general and sector-specific legal and regulatory compliance under Nigerian law, with specific tasks that involve advising on the position of the law for removal of directors of a multi-million Naira hospitality services company, conducting Annual General Meetings, Demand for poll, voting per share and consequent regulatory filing upon conduct of meetings in companies.

She has also been engaged in preparing legal documents including pleadings, final written addresses, witness statements, affidavits and legal opinions in respect of ongoing and potential disputes both in real estate and other sectors with massive results to show.

An avid researcher on various issues of law including Contract, legal aid, administration of estates, corporate practice and criminal law in a bid to be many steps ahead in delivering value to her clients. She has been described as a total package that saves the day even in situations that appeared hopeless.

Temitope is simply reliable, trustworthy, and a bankable legal partner.


As a seasoned and skilled architect, Shola Austin Ashogbon has been creating inventive and imaginative designs that also fit into the budget and needs of client.

He has excellent visuals awareness and great aesthetic eye which have made him well known for many of his contributions to structures such as the ESAN HAVEN ESTATE , Ekpoma Edo state as well as SSMPCS ESTATE, warri delta state and a few other buildings spread across Nigeria.

All of his designs take into account the long term impact on the environment and community, and focuses on the minimal impact with the ability to increase sustainability in the community after construction.

Currently, he is the Senior Architect at the Bcreative design Consult and also the Supervising Architect at Design and built limited, where he overseas a team of architect and engineers to ensure that design are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

He consistently meets with contractors and monitors the construction site to ensure that blueprints are adhere to, and that all regulations are being met . He has strong leadership skills and organises his workers into teams in order to ensure each detail is being met according to clients needs.