A city is said to be incomplete without a hospital to cater to the wellbeing of its residents. At DBillions PV City, the wellness of residents, commuters, and the people of Africa, in general, will always be at the top of our priority list. The hospital is situated within the commercial zone of DBillions PV City, the central and most populated area of the estate.

It is equipped with high-end infrastructures and is structurally designed to be an enabling environment for every person, including person’s living with disabilities (PWD). The hospital has within its management top-performing doctors and nurses with the brightest minds and experience to give residents the best care humanely possible. In the case of emergencies, buses are readily available to transport potential patients to the emergency ward on time.

The care we give:

⦁ 100 patient beds readily available
⦁ Ante-natal and post-natal services
⦁ Two Emergency Buses
⦁ General Practice medical care

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