DBillions PV City could be Lagosians Safe Haven

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DBillions PV City is Nigeria’s first Solar-Powered luxury city project. It is an estate structurally designed to be an actual city where residents have access to modern infrastructures and amenities such as a hospital, shopping mall, school, farm market, and their technological supported security is prioritized above all.

Lagosians are people of diverse and unlimited needs just as every human being existing on this planet called earth. However, some necessities are basic, and regardless of the current state of the Nigerian economy should be provided as a fundamental infrastructure. These needs are mostly ranging from 24-hour electricity, edible water circulation, and optimum security.

DBillions PV City has been strategically located and designed to provide access to all of these infrastructures – giving Lagosians a life of comfort that nurtures a healthy mental status. DBillions PV City features a living and commercial ambiance supported by internet-of-things and a 24-hour supply of electricity generated from solar energy – Automatically eliminating generators, noise from generators, and carbon monoxide pollution. The provision of a well-equipped primary school assures safety and nearness to home for our kids and wards. Also, security personnel patrol teams and a 24-hour surveillance system will be available to guarantee the safety of residents and their properties.

The commercial zone in DBillions PV City is made up of a 5-floor shopping mall that houses various brands and stores ranging from pharmacy, clothing & fashion, food & groceries, electrical & electronics, cinema, virtual reality, theme park, and banking & insurance. A fully equipped hospital sits between the shopping mall and the school. This facility provides general practice, antenatal and postnatal, orthopedic, and emergency medical services supported by ambulance vehicles.

DBillions PV City is located in Africa’s largest economic zone and is friendly neighbors to the Lekki International cargo airport, Alaro city, the Dangote industries, Eleganza industrial city, Pan-Atlantic University, Lekki Free Trade Zone, and other economically viable structures and organizations – thereby keeping the economic value of property, assets, the standard of living, and trading, on a highly profitable return on investments.

Every resident and commuter of Lagos state seeks comfort and ease of living. DBillions PV City provides it all on every level for every economic level of humans and businesses.

Wise people secure their wealth in DBillions PV City for sustainable longevity and a continuous profitable investment portfolio.



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