10 Reasons Why you Should Invest in DBillions PV City

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Investing in real estate is undoubtedly one of the surest and fastest ways to amass wealth because of its predictable cash flow, appreciation, rental income, and huge returns. However, DBillions PV City is more than just an estate and offers more than the average return on investments (ROI).

So why should you invest in DBillions PV City?

You should invest because DBillions PV City is offering a first-of-its-kind estate in Nigeria that isn’t just habitable but also self-sustainable in terms of health, education, social life, and career. It is, for this reason, it is deemed a city and not an estate.

DBillions PV City utilizes a model that unifies luxury with green energy coupled with a city-like structure that makes it habitable for persons and businesses. Whatever profit you got in 10 years from other estates, you can make it in a year in DBillions PV City.

Here are a few notable reasons why you should invest in DBillions PV City!


No doubt, appreciation is one of the best ways to make money from real estate especially when you invest in a place like DBillions PV City. DBillions PV City is located at Ilamija town in Ibeju Lekki, beside Alaro-City and Lekki Free Trade Zone area, so you can count on the value of your investment increasing over time. Moreover, it’s not only the land that’s expected to grow in value but the building itself, especially since DBillions PV City is a luxury Solar-Powered city.

Cash Flow

Real estate investment allows you to predict the amount of cash flow you’ll receive as long as you keep the property occupied with a tenant. However, with DBillions PV City being a hub for persons and businesses, you have the potential to not just end up with an ordinary tenant but a top company that will bring landlord benefits like high rentals and longer rentals. Most businesses prefer stability so they’re likely to sign rental contracts for fixed periods which will enable you to enjoy stable cash flow for that duration.

Green Energy

As you already know, DBillions PV City is a Solar-Powered city so there’s no use investing in generators or paying huge electricity bills, no carbon emissions in the air, and no noise pollution. Just a quiet peaceful city with clean and fresh air.

Be a street owner

DBillions PV City is expected to be fully completed in 2023, which means there’s still ample time to invest and get your name up on the wall as the first to own a building in a particular street. Asides from being an actual landlord there’s no greater feeling.


The model of security DBillions PV City utilizes is like that of a bank as there are surveillance cameras at every turn keeping residents under a watchful eye at all times. There will be at least 10 security officers at major roads of the city patrolling, controlling traffic, solving disputes, and ensuring residents get by comfortably.

Ease and Comfort

Every building in DBillions PV City will be carefully constructed with the best of materials available and will feature Smart Home Automation – giving residents the best home technology can offer.


DBillions PV City prioritizes the health of residents and will have a hospital located at the center of the city to protect the health of residents mentally, physically, and emotionally. This hospital will have 2 readily available ambulances in case of emergencies and can bed up to 100 sick patients.


Keeping an eye on your children just got easier as DBillions PV City will have a school that offers educational services for creche and primary students. Now that home is just a few minute’s walks away from school, you can rest easy and focus on your job without worrying about how your kids will get home from school. Moreover, there will two school buses to convene students back home.

Mall and Grocery Store

Asides from the many residents who could establish their private businesses in the city, DBillions PV City will have its designated mall called the Spiral mall. This mall is structurally designed to be a 5-floor Solar-Powered shopping center that will be home to departmental stores, cinema, food courts, and theme parks. Now you don’t have to leave the city to have fun because all the fun you need is just a few blocks away from you. The same can be said for the grocery store which will serve as a local market so residents can enjoy homemade meals.

Huge Return on Investments (ROI)

Being a building owner in DBillions PV City will get you huge returns because of the numbers of people and businesses it’ll attract. You can choose to buy a whole building and sell later at profit or rent it out and get a stable income – the choice is yours.

Bottom Line
If Investing to gain fast and huge returns for a long period of time is what you’re after, then you can’t go wrong with DBILLIONS PV CITY.

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